Why should you buy Organic Food?

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Organic food, which was once found only in health food stores,has now become a regular feature at most of the grocery stores. The reason being Organic food is comparatively healthy and nutritional than conventional food. It has substantially higher range of antioxidant compounds – between 19% and 69% – that is associated with better health, than regular food, and has lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides.

24 LM organic Food

Health, taste and care for nature and environment are the most significant motivation why people are opting for organic food:

Health Benefits– Organic food is healthier and better than conventional food because it’s free of harmful pesticides and additives such as MSG. The nutritionally desirable antioxidants present in organic food have the tendency to reduce the risk of prolonged diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

The Consistent Yummy Factor– If you think that healthier food means withdrawing the yummy-quotient from your everyday diet? Then it is wrong. Organic food includes a variety of food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, wheat, milk, spices etc. that blends health and taste. 24 Mantra Organic products at Meragrocer.com ensure the natural taste of traditional Indian foods without comprising its nutritional value.

Environmental Benefits– Organic food is grown using organic farming practices that involves using natural fertilizers, crop rotation, use of insects, birds and traps to reduce pests and diseases which is better for the environment. This practice reduces pollution (air, water, soil), conserves water, reduces soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and uses less energy.Farming without pesticides is also better for small animals as well as for nearby birds and people who live close to or work on farms.

So what are you waiting for just log on to Meragrocer.com and discover a whole range of 24 Mantra Organic Products, which are internationally certified and considered as the largest Indian Organic Food brand sold worldwide.


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