How to Shop for Spring Season

Spring is one of the favourite seasons of the year. In late spring, it’s time to cram away jeans and sweaters and come out with those funky shorts shorts and cute tank tops. But how do you know which pieces are essential for the weather?

Make a list of all the pieces you’ll need– Mentioned below is the list of sample shopping list, but if you want to remove anything that isn’t to your liking, or even add some more pieces. The number of each apparel may be little too much or too little for you, but it must give you an idea. Don’t feel pressured to buy as much as listed. If you don’t like to spend a lot on clothes, buy some versatile garments that you can wear in tons of different outfits.


Short sleeved shirts. Make sure you have a mix of basic/solid colored t-shirts, lovelier tops, and graphic tees that represent your personality.

Different colored basic tank tops.These are useful for layering, or on lazy days. And the most ideal ones are the Racerback tanks.

Tank tops. There are various online stores selling  fun, colorful, graphic tanks that you love.

Solid colored denim shorts. Mint green and baby blue are  considered as the two greatcolors for spring season. Neon pink, yellow,  fluorescent orange, green, and any other light color that  you like are also good for shorts.

Patterned shorts.Try floral, striped ( most flattering pattern – Vertical), or even tie-dye/ombre. Anything presentable,  cute and funky is great!

Blue denim shorts. At least you must have one or two of these pairs that are basic, plain shorts. You can also buy shorts that are ripped, studded,distressed,highwaisted, etc.

Workout shorts.These are good if you are into  sports/ gym or if you just want to lounge around your house in comfort.

Flip flops. Different colors and styles  of flip –flops which are trendy are a must for  the season.

Simple ballet flats. Test your style  with different colors and styles. If flats are too girly for you, thenwedges .

Cropped leggings.On spring’s chillier days,  cropped leggings   gives you that cool look. Wear these If you don’t want  yourselfto be freezing in a pair of shorts!

If it’s still cold during spring  then you can prefer wearing long sleeved shirts and jeans during spring! But don’t limit yourself to this list, either; jeans can also work in the summer during chilly evening events.

Know what online stores suit your style.There are number of brands that have a great mix of both funky graphic tees and basic, fancier tops. They also have cute stuff for warm weather, but they can be a bit pricey to shop at all the time. Limit yourself to buying few things from those types of online stores. Buy basic things fromstores  over the web instead of splurging on designer.

 Bring a shopping list to the store.  Take a Printout of list of everything that you require , or type it one up on your phone . This can be extremely useful when shopping, so you remember everything you need and try your best  to stick to your list as well. One of the benefits of making a shopping list is that you don’t waste money on garments that you don’t really need. Other clothing may be tempting to purchase, but if you only purchase  what’s written down on your list, you’ll save money and avoid impulse buys

Get your friends along with you while you shop. It’s always more fun to go out on a shopping spree with your best friends there. They serve as pairs of eyes to catch cute apparels you might have not have spotted, and they can also be your fashion consultants!

Purchasing dress on that you’re not sure about. If you fell in love with a pair of shorts, but the only sizes available are too big or small. Don’t just buy them anyway , if doesn’t it you. However, if you’re buying t-shirts in a size you’re 100% sure you fit into, don’t worry about it. Thinking twice  on every single thing you plan to buy buying will definitely be beneficial for you.

Before buying something, know what it would look good with- If you’re buying a crazy pair of shorts/ skirt that could be difficult to match in an outfit, think of a few items in your wardrobe that you can wear with the shorts. If you can’t think of anything,  thenyou’ll probably never end up wearing them


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