Online shopping sites to buy electronics

Online shopping has picked up pretty well in many of the developed nations and is booming in India too. Today, there is literally no such product that couldn’t be found online. Of all the various online products available online, electronics is the most popular one. There are numerous  e-stores  over the web that are selling electronic products in India and many more such stores are upcoming by each passing day; but only a few of them have been successful in building a brand value with a loyal customer base.

Amazon– This online shopping site considered as World leader in E-commerce market recently started its operation in India.  Now, Indian consumers can buy Books, CDS, Electronics and other home appliances at comparatively low price from For limited time period, they are also offering free shipping.

Flipkart – Founded in 2004 with only Rs. 400000/-, presently in this year 2014 it turned over to 60,000 Crore company. Flipkart is extremely popular online shopping site and an ultimate place to get electronics online.  The electronic products available on Flipkart includes mobile phones & its accessories,refrigerators, air-conditioners , movies, music, washing-machines,televisions, laptops, computer accessories, cameras, MP3 players and products from other categories. You can even get smart phone covers on this site. All  the products from high-end  and well- known brands like Samsung, Nokia, Canon, Apple, Sony, Micromax,Nikon, etc. are featured on this site so you can choose any product you want from desired brand. The site has its “Compare Mobiles” feature so can easily buy mobile phones at reasonable price.

online shopping for electronics

Tradus– This site is a complete market place and is considered one of the fastest growing online shopping sites in India. All the products are well-organized and categorised so it is very easy to find the product that you’re looking for. You can get various electronic products like TV, Audio & Video, DTH, all forms of TV: LCD, LED, and Plasma etc. on Tradus. Almost, all the top class brands like Samsung,Sony, Panasonic, Philips, etc. are available on this site.

Infibeam– It is another popular site to purchase electronics online. This online site is organized in a very systematic way where different products are categorised accordingly. There are mainly four categories:

Home Appliances, which, includes air conditioners, washing machines, food processors, etc.

Portable Electronics like iPods, iPads, headphones, MP3 players, etc.

Home Entertainment appliances  – TVs, DVD Players, Home theatres, plasma TV(LED Display) etc.

Other electronics like Gaming Consoles, handheld, controllers, etc.

Also, you will get cameras,mobile phones, computer & accessories and other related products. The site offers “Hot Deals” feature when you can see the top deals, offers & discounts.

Homeshop18– This site is considered more attractive as compared to its competitors, as it is easy to navigate and the search option at the top is also very helpful in finding the product that you’re looking for. The electronics category includes Audio & Video Players, TV & Accessories,Telephones, Car Electronics, Home appliances and Gaming consoles. The videos and clear product images make this site appear fantastic.  The site has separate section “Top Picks in Electronics” where you search for hottest deals on the best electronic products.


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