Top changing trends in Online Shopping

Today the consumer is quite different from the -frequent shopper who loves to hit the shopping malls or branded showrooms like back in the year 2008. The Rapid technological advancement and evolving expectations of buyers has brought a great change in their shopping experience. Changes in the consumers psyche isn’t the only thing, but also changes in the methods for purchasing products have made a remarkable difference worldwide.

How online shopping is beneficial for Merchants?

No setup charge

The prime hurdle for entrepreneurs or small business owners used to be the preliminary capital requisite or the setup cost. This would certainly impede the ambitions of several young and aspirant businessmen and would hamper the implementation of their pioneering and dynamic ideas.

With the assistance of internet, starting a business has become quite simple now. There is no requirement of having plenty of cash to establish the business. Today, all businessmen running their business over the web just needs a well-organized website with an excellent navigation to execute their plans. This is the main cause that world is observing more successful and competitive entrepreneurs in this era.

Low-priced and economical promotions:

Another immense expenditure involved in innovative business setups is for marketing,promotion and advertising of business. Marketing is predominantly important for the commencement and growth of the business online. However, the intervention of internet in commerce has made this also quite easy.

One of the latest platforms used to market the business or products is Social media. Just with the slight understanding of technology,effective marketing strategies and campaigns, an entrepreneur can carry out the marketing activities almost free of cost and share the reports and information about his business with the substantial number of people.

How online shopping is beneficial for Shoppers ?

Discount online Shopping – The demand for purchasing online israpidly increasing due to more tech-savvy generation who spend most of their time accessing the internet.In order to enhance E- commerce trends many online businessare trying to gain market shares andrepeatedly pushing competitors out to attract customers theirexclusive discounts and lucrative offers.The other  forms of offering discounts is Online shopping coupon codes which can used for a limited period of time.

Free Shipping – This is one of the most well-liked options for customers shopping over the internet. As shipping charges is one of the biggest drawbacks for consumers who shop online. There are various sites that offer free home delivery to products to the customer’s doorstep. However, there are various other online shops that come up with offers like Free shipping on orders above Rs 500/-. It’s also a great way to increase the increase the sale value by increasing average cart size.

Mobile Shopping – Mobile as a shopping channel is now on a par with PC’s and has evolved very quickly. It is becoming a key to drive the change in consumer behavior towards online shopping.These days, mobile has become the most dominant shopping channel.


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