Buy Desi Ghee Online And Prepare Sweets At Home

Desi Ghee is considered to be a natural source of health in India. The health boosting goodness of desi ghee makes it a common utility of every house in India. Interestingly, many home-made sweets are also prepared by using desi ghee. If you want to buy desi ghee online, then, your first action should be to make sure it is unadulterated. The desi ghee should be naturally prepared and free of adulteration. This natural desi ghee contributes to healthy living which cannot be offered by the ghee that contains low quality adulterants. However, not every store can guarantee whether the ghee has been manufactured naturally or not.

Sahara Q Shop is the one stop shop for buying hygienically packed and unadulterated products. You can either buy desi ghee online from this store or visit physical outlets for its purchase. The quality tests are performed by the professionals of this store to ensure adulterants do not get mixed in the manufacturing of the ghee.


What All Can Be Prepared From Desi Ghee At Home?

Festive season is approaching, so, you can prepare homemade sweets rather than buying them from outside. Besides, trying new recipes to make sweets at home, you can even buy desi ghee online and use it to cook healthy paranthas stuffed with vegetables, paneer, etc. The paranthas smeared with desi ghee are full of health and contribute to wholesome breakfast. You can try the recipe of boondi Laddoos prepared with desi ghee and relish the tasty homemade sweet.


Items Required:

1 cup of gram flour

3 tablespoons of desi ghee

4 tablespoons of refined sugar

2 tablespoons of cashew nuts

1 tablespoon of oil

Dry Fruits of your choice

6 cardamoms (whole)

Preparation Method:

  1. Prepare a batter of gram flour by adding water to it. The flour needs to be properly strained before the preparation of batter.
  2. Add oil to the mixture and whisk it until the lumps get dissolved. The batter needs to be made in a way that can be poured in the pan smoothly.
  3. Heat desi ghee in a pan and pour the batter over a ladle with holes in the pan. As the mixture fries, it turns into the shape of boondi. Boondi must be fried until it turns dark yellow in color.
  4. Prepare sugar syrup by mixing sugar in a cup of water. After the sugar gets dissolved completely, make sugar syrup by cooking it for 3-4 minutes.
  5. The syrup should have one thread consistency. It can be checked by taking bit of syrup in between two fingers.
  6. Add boondi you prepared using desi ghee to this sugar syrup.
  7. You can even add dry fruits and cardamom to make the laddoos tastier.
  8. Mash the boondis and prepare a fine mixture. Now, with wet hands, start making round laddoos.

The laddoos must be kept in open air for over 5-6 hours to let them get dried up. Lastly, unadulterated desi ghee can be a healthy and tasty ingredient in your diet.


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