Top 5 Things People Buy From Online stores in India

The introduction of various online stores in India has led to a change in shopping habits of buyers. At present, people prefer buying almost all the stuffs online to save time. This is primarily due to the convenience of shopping by staying indoors. So, what goods do Indian consumers buy from online stores in India?

Here is a quick glimpse of the top five things which are often purchased online by the buyers:

  • Daily use goods: Busy lifestyle often tends to leave lesser time for shopping. Therefore, it becomes essential to look out for an alternative which can easily serve the purpose of shopping. As a result, people prefer online shopping stores in India to buy daily utilities. In fact, daily use goods are among top products ordered by the buyers often at present. 61% of total sales generated from online shopping include purchase of daily use goods.
  • Groceries: The physical stores have time constraints which act as a major hindrance in the shopping experience of busy individuals. Due to busy schedule, many people are unable to cope up with purchase of goods in the specified shopping hours of physical stores. Thus, the online shopping stores in India have become one stop e-shop for buying groceries. There are absolutely no constraints of time, thus, one can buy groceries anytime easily. 8 out of 10 people buy groceries online to save their time.
  • Home Care: Everyone wants his or her home to appear tidy and clean. This demands the purchase of home care goods and relying on online shopping stores in India for the same acts as the best solution. Home care products are often purchased by the people from online stores. The stats of buyers who prefer to buy home care products online are somewhat similar to daily use goods.
  • Snacks & Beverages: The e-stores in India nowadays include the broader search options to find snacks & beverages. It further implies that all the brands of snacks and beverages are included in the stocks of online stores. These brands can be selected by broad search option while shopping online. 5% of the stocks of online stores include snacks & beverages.
  • Personal care:Hygiene is a very important factor and it includes personal care totally. This factor in turn makes the personal care products among basic essentials. In other words, personal care products are mostly purchased by the individuals visiting online shopping stores in India. According to a report, 10% of overall online shopping comprises of personal care products.

Apart from these goods, people buy other products too. Nevertheless, the frequency of purchase of the above stated products is comparatively higher.


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