Choose Packed High Quality Groceries

Groceries available in the market are either sold loose or in packets. Loose groceries are likely to contain lots of impurities as compared to packaged ones. The prime reason behind the same is increasing level of adulteration which has indeed affected the quality of edible items. Moreover, it has been witnessed that quantity of adulterants used in groceries is high and consequently make the products unfit to be consumed. Various types of adulterants which are used to contaminate groceries are artificial colours, chemicals, dirt particles, industrial waste and likewise. In fact, the presence of pebbles, brick powder, insecticides and other choking objects are mixed in groceries


In today’s busy lifestyle, individuals have hardly any time to check the quality of groceries being purchased. Consumption of these adulterated products may causehealth hazards to consumers. Considering this scenario, there has been an urgent need to stop adulteration.Sahara Q shop has understood this requirement precisely.Products offered by this store are tested for their quality. Hence, groceries and all the other goods offered by Sahara Q shop are free of adulterants.

Sahara Q Shop conducts laboratory tests to guarantee pure and adulteration-free groceries and other products. The additional points of relevance are:

  • Since, certain impurities cannot be detected manually Sahara Q shop conducts appropriate laboratory tests to assess if the products are pure.
  •  Online store covers wide range of products enabling users to choose from wide variety of items.
  • Proficient scientists with a rich professional record are appointed to test the products. They approve high quality and unadulterated products after the tests.

Lastly, investing only on fine quality packaged unadulterated groceries of Sahara Q Shop to enjoy healthier lifestyle is a fundamental need.


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